Scandal Spoilers: The Finale Ends on “Multiple Cliffhangers”

What do you make of his relationship with Olivia?

Just what he says, she’s the love of his life. I think what’s so interesting about Fitz is that in the pilot, you think, “Oh, golly, he turned out to be a sleazy president.” And it’s not the case at all.  He certainly has moral transgressions and makes a mess of things in his personal life, but he’s in a very tough situation. He’s in a really complicated marriage, which has its real issues. And he’s fallen desperately in love with a colleague and can’t handle it. But that’s the driving force for Fitz, and he’s denying himself and Olivia because he has to do deal with being an effective president and take care of his family too. Although I think that if he weren’t the president, he would make that work. He’d figure it out because he’s in love with her.

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ABC: ‘Scandal’ Likely To Be Renewed

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'Scandal' star, 'Lost' alum Henry Ian Cusick: I didn't want to play another 'good guy'

Henry Ian Cusick knows he’s best known for playing who he calls — and we call — “the best guy ever.” And that’s exactly why he took his latest role on ABC’s politically-charged drama, Scandal.

“He was a complete good guy,” says Cusick of his Lost character, Desmond, whose romance with Penny (Sonya Walger) is considered among the best TV romances of all time. But knowing his last character was so pure of heart, Cusick says, he sought out something a little murkier for his next outing. Enter Stephen Finch.

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The showrunner breaks down the fourth episode, “Enemy of the State,” and tells THR what Amanda’s disappearance means for Olivia and the president.

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The showrunner breaks down the third episode, “Hell Hath No Fury,” and how Olivia will handle the former presidential aide’s revelation.

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